Everybody Needs a Posse

About the time I started getting serious about my writing, I was invited to join a critique group. I thought we’d talk maybe once a week or so, critique and edit each other’s work, offer some words of encouragement, and that would be all.

Boy, was I wrong.

Little did I know, I would end up with a circle of friends so close we’d become sisters. Little did I know, I would find the strongest prayer warriors and supporters I’d ever had in my life. Though scattered across several states, we’ve seen each other through losses, heartbreaks, successes, illnesses, and major life events. We’ve held each other up when life has worn us down. We’ve rallied around each other and been each other’s biggest fans. I cannot properly express how much these women mean to me.

We started calling ourselves The Posse because no matter what comes we have each other’s backs like no one else will. Now, we don’t get on our horses and ride, fists raised in rage and guns at the ready (although we’ve been tempted a few times). But we do hunker down in prayer–and let me tell you, these women are some serious prayer warriors–and we do lift each other up and never let one of our group go through anything alone.

We also have fun. I’m talking belly-laughing-still-giggling-years later-inside-jokes- letting-loose-in-ways-we-never-would-in-polite-company type of fun. In case you doubt me, here’s a prime example of the orneriness we’re known to get into (my grandpa happened to be present for this one…)


As I said…..


Anyway, we have a retreat every year and we all get together to brainstorm, “talk shop,” and, of course, have some fun. A couple years ago we decided we all like each other so much and know each other’s work so well that we should write a book together. And that went so well, we decided to write another. And we ended up with two (if I may brag) fabulous books, titled Threads of Time and A Place of Refuge.

What’s really awesome–and I mean, such an awesome blessing–is we’ve gotten to watch and be a part of each other’s successes in the writing world (which is what we got together for in the first place)! Each of my dear posse members have become published authors, and it’s just so fun to know that we’ve all been a part of that process for each other.

Everyone needs a posse. And I pray for all of you that you may be blessed with a group of friends who you can proudly call your posse–your sisters, or brothers, or best friends–whatever term you may use, but who will be your sounding board, your sense of reason, your supporters and your encouragers, your prayer warriors and your family.

And, just in case you wondered, we do know how to behave….it’s just not nearly as fun 😉

(Yes, we do have matching T-shirts. And yes, we do this every year…. don’t judge.)

Anyway, since I love these ladies so much, I cannot end this post without giving a shout out to each of them and their successes. I strongly encourage you to check out their published works. Look them up on Facebook, twitter, and their professional websites. And now, let me formally introduce you to my posse.

In alphabetical order….

Jalana Franklin
Threads of Time
A Place of Refuge
Unlikely Pursuits

Eileen Key
Dog Gone
Forget Me Not
Border Shadows

Door County Christmas
Cedar Creek Seasons
Sundays in Fredericksburg
Courageous Brides
Threads of Time
A Place of Refuge
Unlikely Pursuits


Kim Vogel Sawyer
Recent Titles:
When Love Returns
When Grace Sings
When Mercy Rains
Through the Deep Waters
Echoes of Mercy
What Once Was Lost

Coming Soon:
Room for Hope

See website for complete list of titles: www.kimvogelsawyer.com

Connie Stevens
Leave me Never
Revealing Fire
Scars of Mercy
Heart of Honor
Harvest of Hope
Harbinger of Healing
Sundays in Fredericksburg
Threads of Time
A Place of Refuge
The Most Eligible Bachelor Romance Collection
The Love is Patient Romance Collection
Unlikely Pursuits

Coming soon:
Brides of Iowa
The Rails to Love Romance Collection
The Matchmaker Bride Romance Collection


Marjorie Vawter

Sundays in Fredericksburg
Threads of Time
A Place of Refuge

Encouraging Thoughts for Women: Hope
Power Prayers for Christmas
Calming the Storm Within: God’s Peace for Depression & Anxiety

Multiple devotionals


Darlene Dodds Wells
Redeeming Luke
Finding Olivia
Angels Among Us
Threads of Time
A Place of Refuge

Coming Soon: Loving Tilly



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