Words are Meaningful

Hello! Welcome to my blog. :o) My name is Kristian, but by my husband and kiddos (and most of my kiddos’ friends), I am affectionately called ‘Catfish.’ Hence, the Catfish Chronicles.

Allow me to explain. I am the proud mother of a beautiful blended family. Early on in the relationship with my husband, he told me I was as graceful as a catfish (clearly he did not know me nearly well enough yet, as he now is on constant lookout for trip hazards when we’re together). Laughing, I told him if he really believed that then he was nuttier than a squirrel. His daughter, Alana, who was six at the time, heard this conversation and just like that we were dubbed Catfish and Squirrel. The nicknames stuck.

Over the years it has become our favorite family inside joke and, like any good inside joke, has had many spinoffs. Alana is now frighteningly close to turning 13, and if she’s feeling particularly affectionate she lovingly calls me “Fishy.” We don’t do high-fives; we do high-fins. When my husband and I are working out, I hear “Come on, Catfish, flip those fins harder!” When the kids want to talk to me, they request to have a “chatfish.” Every summer when we take the kids to the pool, I’m teased because I can’t swim. A disgrace to my species; that’s me. And my darling husband? Well…he’s still nuttier than a squirrel–and we kinda love that about him.

Many years ago the children, ever so supportive of my creative endeavors, said the Catfish and the Squirrel needed their love story written. So, I sat down and put my “fin” to the pen, and wrote the story of the Catfish and the Squirrel, complete with pictures.


(If you think being a human blended family is tricky, imagine trying to blend a family of land and sea creatures!)

Anyway, what is the point of all this background history on my quirky little family? (And I use the term ‘little’ lightly, as there are 8 of us!) Catfish and Squirrel are just words, but for us…they are so much more. If you think of a catfish or a squirrel, you may conjure up memories of childhood fishing trips with your grandpa, or remember that time you nearly ran your car up the curb to avoid that little critter that darted out in front of you in the road. For us, any time we hear the words ‘Catfish’ and ‘Squirrel,’ we smile because they are terms of endearment from our children and for each other, and are the source of countless little jokes and laughs within our family. They’re just words-but to us, they matter; they’re a part of our every day life, and have the power to instantly affect our moods and redirect our conversations, inspire new jokes or resurrect old ones, and bring on immediate warm fuzzies.

Words. Are. Meaningful.

The wrong words can cut like a knife and leave deep scars on our hearts. The right words can change lives and leave permanent imprints on our souls. The bible talks about the power of words a lot, and much instruction is given us on how to use our words wisely. Below are just a few examples of the many writings in the bible related to the incredible power of words.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.” – Proverbs 18:21
“For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.” – Matthew 12:37
“The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” – Proverbs 12:18

As parents, we do our best to teach our children how to use their words to express themselves appropriately, to not use them as tools to hurt others, and to use them to build others up. Likewise, God does His best to help us–His children–understand how to use our words wisely, effectively, and productively.

As a writer, I’m fully aware of how meaningful words can be. I write inspirational fiction. Every time I sit down to my laptop and place my fingers on the keys (or, as my kids would say, put my fin to the pen), I know I’m not there to simply write a story; I’m there to invoke feeling, to solve problems, to offer hope to whomever may one day read my words, and, yes, even to find myself on my own journey of discovery and healing. I’m there to do something meaningful with the words that flow from my fingers. It is my prayer that as I write, my words will become God’s words–that He will use them for His glory, to bring healing and hope to some person I may never have the privilege of meeting, but who might be changed by something I wrote.

Please don’t mistake this desire of mine as conceit. No, my desire is that my writing will be a ministry. Of course I want to tell a good story–why would you read it if it wasn’t?? But I want it to be more than that. I want my story to be God’s story. He is the Author of Life! Who could possibly know better than Him how meaningful words can be, what power they can have in a person’s life? So who better to turn to for inspiration when I write?

So, as I continue on through my writing journey, I hope you will pray with me that “the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.” (Psalm 19:14) And I challenge you, dear reader, to be mindful of the words you use, to appreciate how meaningful they can be, and to respect the power they hold. Use your words for good, to build others up, to make someone smile, to bring healing to a hurting heart.

I thank you so much for joining me! I hope you will become a regular part of my writing journey and a faithful prayer partner.

Until next time, this is Catfish signing out. :o)


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